Caleb is Home!

Caleb was so much courage and quiet strength.
My daughter April climbed right into the hospital bed with her son Caleb to comfort him.
Caleb was able to come home. 
He is not out of the woods yet
but is well enough to continue his recovery at home. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and concern.
Although Caleb was born without a brain,
he was not born without a soul.
When you are with Caleb,
he gently invites you to dismiss the cares of the world
and cherish the moment. 
He doesn't shed tears, but he does shed light. 
In a busy world,
Caleb invites us to slow down and listen. 
Caleb has a mission.  His life matters. 
Because of Caleb, we know we are more than our bodies,
more than our circumstances,
more than our abilities,
more than our capacity to work,
more than our intellect,
more than our possessions,
and more than our accomplishments. 
The sacred essence of our value
is and will always be
our unique, priceless and immortal soul.


Becky said...

Seeing her in bed with Caleb makes me so happy - that was one of my most favorite places with Ben. I'm SO glad he's home. We'll continue to pray for him!!!

shirlgirl said...

I mentioned the same thing in my comment on Caleb's blog about Becky climbing into bed with Ben in the hospital. Caleb is a precious spirit, and I am so happy that he is home with everyone who loves him. Continued thoughts and prayers for Caleb and the family.

April said...

I love you Mom. Thank you.