Planning For Retirement

DOWN HOME with Granny B
You've probably read all those magazine or newspaper articles about planning for retirement.  The advice they offer is almost always about money . . . but money is only one thing to consider for a happy old age.  When was the last time you read an article that told you to go for a walk with your sweetheart or play ball in the backyard with your son if your want to live well in your golden years? 

No amount of money can compensate for loving relationships. 

I spent this weekend up at our cabin listening to the exuberant screams of my children and grandchildren careening down the mountain side on sleighs and watching them dig snow caves and build snow slides by moonlight.

You can't buy that. 


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shirlgirl said...

Oh, what fun at the cabin! It must have been so heartwarming to hear all those cheery happy voices and laughter. Glad everyone had such a joyous time.