During the past several months six beautiful new children have been added to our family.  With each new addition I have felt so much love and admiration for the courageous women . . . their mothers. . .who give so much.  Thank you Karen, Martha, Arianne, Aubrey, Teresa and Amy for your willingness to be a mother.  This poem is for you and all the other women out there who desire to have children. 


I'm thinking of planting a garden
I don't know what size or what shape
I've never planted a garden before
I don't know what depth or what space

Have you seen the seeds of a carrot
like flecks of dust in my hand?
Can this tiny crying baby
Really someday become a man?

I'm thinking of planting a garden
I don't know the best time to sew
Who will be the water and sunshine
So my tiny seedlings will grow?

Have you seen the seed of a woman
Like flecks of love in His hand?
Can you see the circle of families
As numerous as grains of sand?

 I'm thinking of planting a garden
With stars, moon and sun in my hand
I will harvest the sons and daughters
Of the master Gardener of man

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