Mother of Toddler Lament

Where in the world did my baby go
There's a monkey here in his place
I can't keep things picked up any more
And there's stuff all over his face

I'm tired of unplugging the toilet
If I have to clean up one more mess
I think I'll just tear out my hair roots
I don't think I can handle this stress

He used to sleep in his cradle
Now he's running all over the house
My floor's all covered in brown spots
He thinks we're playing cat and mouse

He won't eat his good food at supper
He never feels like taking a bath
He refuses to keep his shoes on
He keeps dead bugs in his stash

He thinks there's a family of monsters
Living under the floor boards in the hall
He won't sit still for a moment
And he always gets lost at the mall

Mom told me I'd have had days like this
But she didn't say they would last for years
Sometimes I think I'm losing my marbles
Please God, help me find low gear

1 comment:

Julie Weiss said...

AMEN! Yes, it goes on and on until they are pre-teens and perhaps even longer--we are just adding stinky pre-teen boy feet to the mix now! ARG!