Words of Wisdom for the Overwhelmed

You don't have to be wise or wonderful
all the time. 
You don't have to know
all the answers
always do the right thing. 
You don't have to be strong
all the time. 
You just have to
Then you will know 
you are enough
just as you are
you are loved.


shirlgirl said...

Thank you, Janene. I needed that. I do feel overwhelmed at times and especially now that my life is changed without David. Some days are very hard. I loved the Words of Wisdom.

arianne said...

Just what I need to hear.

Kaye said...

Hello, love your blog and cannot wait to read one of your books or all of them. Love this thought.

QuiteAMom said...

I'm sitting here bawling and reading your words. Thank you so much; I needed them. XXOO