The Rush to Judgment

author Markus Zusak
When we rush to judgment about any group of people we always make incorrect assumptions.  One group of people I have judged harshly in the past is the German people during World War II.  "What kind of people would go along with all that Hitler insanity and cruelty?"

Recently I read a book that required me to re-evaluate my thinking.  "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak was not a book I wanted to read.  I've read a lot about this period of time and felt like I had a good grasp about what happened.  I had decided who were the good guys and who were the bad guys.  Even after the first twenty or thirty pages I was not going to finish this book.  It was just too hard.  But each time I put it down, I had to pick it up again.  I am a different person because I finished this book.  I speed read a lot of books but I had to read this book slowly . . . every word.  For the author had some important morsel on every page.

Raw, difficult to read but life changing.



arianne said...

I've never heard of it. Now I want to check it out. I wonder if our library has it.

Jenny said...

ooooo I loved this book. I, too, felt like every page had something on it that made me really feel, think, or examine. I loved it. I'm glad you finished it:)

Diana said...

I read it several years ago and really liked it. I too have read a lot about the Holocaust --fiction and non fiction. I liked this book since it was about the citizens of a German town caught up in the WW2 conflict---and the sacrifices they faced and the choices they made.

Now I need to work on not rushing to judgment on Muslims, In our mission we baptized several Muslims because Sierra Leone is very tolerant of religions. However, Islam is a major religion in that country and I saw how bad it was for the women and the children there. It is very patriarchal --even the Church spoke about men in Sierra Leone need to protect their families and help their wives. One of our favorite friends was a good man named Gibril --he loved to hear the missionary lessons but he was a respected Muslim and he could not break from his culture or religion but he respected Christians very much.