Replacing Negative Thoughts

Positive thinking brings us more joy.
There is a way to develop the art of positive thinking.  Since we can only think one thought at a time . . . we need to replace all negative, fearful and and unloving thoughts with positive, hopeful and loving thoughts.  We can't always control what thought enters our head but we can control if it stays there.  It takes practice to change the way we think.  Here are some ways to practice:

* Make a firm personal commitment to replace ALL negative, fearful and unloving thoughts with thoughts that are positive, courageous and loving.
* Regularly post meaningful quotations in a place you frequent that motivates you to better thoughts.
* Write a letter to someone detailing several admirable qualities you've noticed in them.
* Fill your mind with beauty and enlightenment by reading good books and supporting the local arts.
* Avoid people who are "hateaholics," "negaholics," and "fearaholics."
* Force yourself to find something good in every stressful situation.
* Make a list of your positive qualities so you have a handy script to refer to when you have negative thoughts about yourself.
* Dare to do something you've always wanted to do but were too afraid to try.
* Practice the art of horriblization.  This means you take every negative or fearful to the worst case conclusion . . . death.  Then laugh at yourself. 
* Whenever you feel less than, scared, lonely, grouchy or mean go back and see what thought came before that emotion.  Change the thought and see if it changes the way you feel.

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