Winter Fun at the Cabin

Sometimes I get mad at winter.  I get fed up with freezing cold weather, dangerous travel and snow to shovel. I think about moving to a warmer climate.  I grumble.  I wish I could hibernate like the bears and never leave my house until it's warm again. 

Then I hear my children say, "Let's go sleigh riding!" At first I'm not sure I want to go.  But I go along any way all the while worrying that I won't have any fun because I'll be SO cold.  And I hate being SO cold. 

Then it happens . . . I get myself bundled up and then . . . slowly . . . the child inside me comes back to life.  Lke the winter sun peeking through the clouded sky, I start laughing, shouting and throwing my hands up into the air.

Later I find myself whispering, "Thank you God.  Winter is so beautiful.  And by the way sleigh riding is so stinkin fun!" 

This blanket of white . . . this time of pausing . . . teaches me.  There is beauty and joy in every season . . . when we open our hearts and let it in.
Janene sleigh riding with gusto
Alisa making snow angels
John picking up speed
Alisa using the trusty foot stop maneuver
John's flying leap off the deck
Ross drinking icicles
John walking into the cabin in knee deep snow


Karen said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. I'm always thinking twice about all the work of bundling up and the cold and all the wet stuff in the end. It's worth it though.

Ashley Baadsgaard said...

I love this post. :) I was just complaining this morning about how much I hate winter. This really helped me put a smile on my face. And the picture of you on the sled just made my day! I wish I could have been sledding with you guys. I love you!