My Daughter Alisa


When we say, "Oh, Yes!' God can fill our lives with joy.
My daughter Alisa is turning 11 years old this month.  I can not express in words the absolute joy she is to me.  Every day Alisa invites me to share in the miracle of life, the joy of creation and the wonder of simple things.  Sometimes when she is in bed at night I will tip-toe into her bedroom and watch her sleeping.  Every single day  I thank God for sending her to me.  The world tells us that we are rich when we have a lot of money.  But riches aren't found in money.  We are rich when we have children about us to love and cherish.  I love you Alisa.  You are an absolute joy to my soul.       
Alisa says, "Oh Yes!  Look at me Mom.  I'm so brave I can do anything."
Alisa says, "Oh yes!  I found a sand dollar and I'm rich."
Alisa says, "Oh yes!  If I jump high enough I might fly."
Alisa says, "Oh Yes!  There's so  many leaves I can jump in them."
Alisa says, "Oh yes.  It's starting to snow."

    When most women said, "Oh No!  Not  more children.  I'm am too old and tired to have any more children." . . . I said, "Oh Yes!   Dear God, I would love to have another child."

And so Alisa was born.

When we say, "Oh yes!"  God can fill our life with joy.

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arianne said...

You made me cry, Mom. That was beautiful. Thank you for giving me a sweet little sister.