My Love Affair With Trees

I've always been drawn to trees. 

When I was a child
I'd climb higher and higher among the branches 
until I'd wedge myself into a limb cradle and ride the wind. 

Trees are such loyal companions -
fragrant blossoms in the spring,
welcome shade in the summer,
full ripe fruit in the fall
black silhouettes against the blue dark sky in the winter.

This winter has been heavy with snow. 
A huge limb broke off our old apricot tree. 

My husband cut the severed limb into logs for our fireplace. 
But I've had a hard time letting them go up in smoke. 
They look so well composed lined up in a row
ready to offer me their last measure of devotion.


shirlgirl said...

Why not find someone who is a woodturner and can make you a small bowl out of some of that apricot wood. You'd be surprised at the beautiful vessels that can be turned from a piece of wood, and then you would have something to cherish forever.

arianne said...

It's beautiful wood. It would make great rustic blocks, bark on and all.

Janene Baadsgaard said...

Great ideas for how to use this beautiful wood I love. Thanks.