Attending Bradley Joel's Adoption Hearing Was a Dream Come True for all of us.

Bradley Joel turned eight years old and became a member of our family this month. When his mother Martha asked him what was the  favorite present he received for his birthday he replied, "A family."  

Bradley Joel and the Magic Quilt

By Granny B

This story was written for my special grandson Bradley Joel on his eighth birthday

Once upon a time there was a boy who had a magic quilt. His name, Bradley Joel Baadsgaard, was embroidered on one corner of the blanket. When he turned eight years old his Grandma Baadsgaard gave him this quilt with a hug and a kiss.

“This quilt is magic,” Grandma Baadsgaard said.

“Magic?” Joel asked. “What do you mean Grandma?”

“Many years ago when your father Joseph was little boy, he liked to run and roll and climb and slide just like you. Every time I bought him a new pair of jeans they got a hole in the knee. Those holes appeared when Joseph was brave enough to try something new that scared him like running a race, or doing a flip on the monkey bars. Before I threw the pants away I cut the good part of the material into squares and saved them. It took many years but when I had enough blue squares I stitched them into this blanket just for you. So if you ever get too scared to try something new or hard just rub a square on your new blanket with your hand. Then courage will flow from the blanket into your body – from father to son. When you grow up you will give this blanket to your son and the chain will never be broken.”

Bradley Joel rubbed the blanket with his fingers.

“I think I can feel it Grandma,” Bradley said. “I feel braver already”

The next thing that makes this blanket magic is the thread that holds all the squares together,” his grandma said. “Each time I took a stitch I thought about you and how much I love you. You are like a new square being stitched into our family. We wouldn’t be a happy family without you any more because we love you so much. Each square represents someone in your new family. There’s one for Grandpa Baadsgaard, me, April, Dallan, Josh, Matty, Caleb, Mitchell, Aubrey, Kyle, Rylan, Jordan, Karen, Emily, Sandy, Libby, Andrew, Arianne, Jared, Sammy, Sophie, Logan, Liam, your father Joseph and your mother Martha, Jacob, Teresa, Emma, Kate, Amy, Aden, Ashley, Hyrum, John and Alisa, Elizabeth, Josie and April. You are part of our family forever now because you will be sealed to us in the temple. We will all love your forever and never stop loving you. So the second magic about this blanket is love. Love is the thread that holds our family together. If you ever feel sad or lonely, wrap this blanket around you and feel the love of all the members of your new family all around you.

Bradley Joel took the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders.

“I feel it Grandma,” Bradley said. “I feel the love all around me forever.”


April said...

What a beautiful story mom!!

arianne said...

Oh, Mom, you got me teary. How beautiful. You know, my kids asked me what my favorite Christmas was growing up. I told them I had two. Both were times I got a homemade quilt from you. I told them every time I wrapped myself up in the quilts you made, I felt loved. We went down to the basement and found both quilts. Now they're both on my kids beds and they hug them and ask me when they can see you again.