Life Often Requires Us To Face What We Fear Most

There are many life experiences we’re absolutely sure we can’t face, such as the death of a love one, chronic illness, financial failure, spouse betrayal or wayward children. Yet life often requires us to face what we fear most. When we live through the very trial we hoped to avoid, we have the opportunity to learn, grow and receive God’s infinite love for us. When we feel the love of God, there is nothing left to fear.

Sometimes when we are faced with difficult times, we just need extra gripping power. Tiny green plums in my back yard taught me this lesson. One spring, I was experiencing a difficult time emotionally and physically after the death of a loved one. One morning I walked out into our back yard and noticed hundreds of miniature green plums just beginning to form on our fruit tree. That tiny, undeveloped fruit represented the harvest we hoped to reap later in the summer. My mouth watered just thinking about their tart and sweet taste.

That night there was a huge storm. I heard the wind howling, twisting and wailing all night long while I lay in bed unable to sleep. The next day when I walked outside, I noticed piles of green plums blown from the tree in the storm disappearing into the grass. They let go. I looked closely to see what remained. There were still a few tiny plums clinging tightly to the tree branches. All that spring I watched and waited. Those few tiny plums grew and ripened. The fruit that survived and drew strength from the tree throughout the growing season had one important quality - they hung on. That ability alone made the difference. Now when I’m experiencing an unexpected loss, I always pray for strength to hold on. I draw on strength beyond myself and beyond this world. I know in time my harvest will come.

When we don't give up and live through the very heartache we hoped to avoid, we discover that with time and divine help - all circumstances will work toward our good. When we are faced with loss, the ability to hang on will see us through. We can bear much more than we suppose. We never have to give up hope. Everything that happens to us deepens our understanding and enlarges the capacity of our heart.

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Mom said...

Janene, (this is Estella, by the way, if my name comes up as "Mom".) My kids signed me up with that ID and I haven't been able to change it! I'm so happy I checked in on your blog today. I really, really needed to read this wonderful message. Thank you so much for posting it. You're wonderful!