Happy Birthday Sandy!!!

Granny B

This is a special story
written for my granddaughter Sandy
on her sixth birthday.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sandy who lived much too far away from her grandma. One day her Grandmother came to visit because she missed Sandy’s hugs and kisses so much she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Sandy’s birthday was coming in a few weeks. Grandma didn’t know if she would see her granddaughter on her special day so she left a birthday present for Sandy hidden in her parent’s closet. Sandy tried very hard not to peek but once she sneaked into her parent’s closet and brushed aside the tissue paper in the gift bag. She saw two sweaters and shirts.

On the day of her birthday, Sandy took her sweaters and shirts from the gift bag and set them aside. Then she slipped her hand deep inside to see if anything else was hiding in there. At the bottom of the bag was a large sparkly jewel. Sandy had never seen a jewel that big and she was sure she was now the richest six-year-old in the universe.

Sandy was pretty sure the jewel had magic powers. So she took the jewel into her bedroom and closed the door. Then she rubbed the jewel in her hands three times, closed her eyes and made a wish.

“I wish my regular school was a princess school,” Sandy said just before she placed the jewel under her pillow.

The next day when she opened the door to her school, Sandy looked for people wearing crowns and tiaras but she didn’t see any. When she walked into her classroom Sandy’s teacher was wearing a long flowing gown covered in sequins.

“Students,” her teacher said, “today you will learn how to be a real prince and a princess.”

Sandy couldn’t wait. She primped her hair and waited for her teacher to bring her fancy clothes, shoes and a crown to wear.

“Follow me,” the teacher said.

First her teacher led her to the cleaning supplies closet.

“This is King Henry’s abode,” her teacher said smiling at the school janitor. “He keeps our school clean every day and nobody even knows that he is really a king.”

Sandy looked at Mr. Smith. She didn’t see a crown.

“Where’s his crown?” Sandy asked.

“He doesn’t need to wear his crown,” her teacher answered. “He knows what the best kings do.”

Sandy was confused.

Next her teacher led her to the lunch room.

“Presenting Queen Rita, Queen Rosa and Queen Lilly,” her teacher said.

Sandy looked at the lunch ladies in their hairnets and aprons. She didn’t see any tiaras with diamonds and rubies.

But they don’t have any crowns,” Sandy said.

“They don’t like to show off,” her teacher said. “But they knew what the best queens do.”

Sandy shook her heard.

“But how can you be a queen or a king if you don’t have a crown?” she asked.

“The very best kings and queens don’t wear crowns,” her teacher said. “They serve people. Some of them give children a clean place to learn and good food to eat. Most people don’t know they are royalty but they are.”

That afternoon when Sandy got home she looked at her mommy. She wondered if her mommy was a queen because she gave her children a clean place to learn and good food to eat.

Then she ran into her bedroom, took her birthday jewel out from under her pillow, rubbed it three times and made a wish.

“I wish I was a princess,” Sandy said.

Then she went into the kitchen.

“Can I help you clean up around here and get dinner ready?” Sandy asked her mother. “I am princess in training.”

“Why yes,” her mother answered a little surprised.

“By the way mommy,” Sandy said. “I know you’re really a queen but you don’t like to show off.”


arianne said...

Happy birthday Sandy!

Karen said...

She loved her story and has shown EVERYONE her jewel.

Aden said...

What a great story! True royalty is truly found in service.