One of the great blessings of having children for as long as you can is that you never run out of babies and children to love.  My husband and I hoped it would not be long between when our last child was born and when our first grandchild was born.  Our wish was granted. We only had to wait a few hours. My last child and my first grandchild were born only hours about.  My daughter and I were in the hospital together and we went home on the same day.

So my youngest children have the blessing of growing up surrounded by nieces and nephews their same age that they love and adore and those nieces and nephews love and adore them right back. 

Me, I feel like I have a foot in two generations.  I'm a grandmother to many and yet I'm still raising my own children.  I love the perspective it gives me.  I can't get too overly sentimental or judgemental because I'm still in the trenches but I also have the advantage of real life school.  I know from personal experience how quickly childhood passes. 

My youngest children John and Alisa are not growing up lonely even though their older brothers and sisters are much older than they.  They are surrounded with love. 

I thank God every day for the gift of children in my life.

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April said...

Aw, I'm so blessed my boys get to grow up with John and Alisa! We love you guys xoxo