Learning Brings Joy

My son John began playing the bass a few months ago.  I went to his concert tonight and couldn't believe how far the students had progressed in one short school year.  It was a thrill to listen to the music they performed.  And I had to wonder - why do we adults stop learning new things? Children aren't afraid to try anything. 

As we age to tend to stop trying new things.  Perhaps we have decided what we are good at and don't want to look foolish.  Perhaps we compare ourselves to others and don't want to look bad by comparison. 

We can begin anew to explore and experiment.  We can develop new skills and talents at any age. It doesn't matter if we are good at what we try but only that we are willing to try. 

Perhaps the reason we grow old is not because our bodies age but because we stop learning and growing like children do.

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April said...

WOW! John looks like a pro! Way to go!