TWO FROGS - TWO ATTITUDES . . . what will we choose?

One of my favorite stories told to me as a child involves two frogs hopping through the barn one bight and sunny morning.  Everything was going well.  They were happy and chatting away, but they forgot to watch where they were going.  Suddenly both frogs plopped into the vat of cream.  One frog looked around him, saw the mess he was in, assessed the probable outcome of the situation and immediately despaired.

Big vat of cream. No way out, the first frog thought to himself.  Why do bad things always happen to me?  I've been trying to do what's right.  I don't deserve this.  Where are you God?  You've abandoned me.

Acutally God was right there ready to help, but the first frog didn't bother to ask.  In the end the frog cursed God, drowned and died.

Now the second frog also assessed the situation.
Bit vat of cream. No way out, the second frog thought.  You know I haven't had my cardiovascular workout yet today.  I think I'll try the back stroke.

So the second frog swam around the around the vat of cream humming a tune about his wife and children and how much he loved them.  Low and behold, before he knew it, the cream turned into butter - and the frog hopped out

Both frogs found themselves in the same awful, seemingly hopeless situation.  Each frog chose a response.  One worked better than the other.   

Each of us are going to find ourselves in various vats of trouble during our life time.  Sometimes we just have to hang on or try the back stroke to keep our selves afloat.  If we don't give up and keep thinking grateful and positive thoughts, everything will work out for our best.

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Kristine said...

Thanks Janene, I have always loved that story. It is definitely worth reminding myself of right know.
Love, Kris Kelly