Aubrey and Kyle Finally Attend Their Own Reception

My daughter Aubrey was married on Valentines Day a year ago.  In the car on the way to the Salt Lake City Temple she complained of pain but everyone tried to brush it off, hoping for the best.  Once we got to the temple Aubrey was in so much pain she couldn't stand up straight.  Then the vomiting started.  The temple workers, thinking it was nerves, kept giving her soda crackers. 

This brave young woman was wheeled into the sealing room in great pain with a barf bag under a satin pillow.  I asked the sealer to make the ceremony short.  When Aubrey and Kyle held hands across the alter there was not a dry eye in the room.

Moments after the ceremony, Aubrey was carried from the temple on a stretcher and taken to the nearest hospital.  The people in the emergency room said they'd never seen someone arrive in the ambulance in their wedding dress before.

After the pain was under control and some tests were run, the attending doctor walked into the room.

"Will we be able to make it to our reception?" they asked.

"You won't be going anywhere for a while," the doctor said.  "Your appendix burst. This is very serious and we are now preparing for emergency surgery."

There was no time to warn the reception guests that the bride and groom would not be able to make it to their own reception.  My daughter told me that she would be in surgery for several hours and there was nothing more I could do at the hospital - so would I go to the reception and greet her guests and tell them what had happened.

While at the reception both sets of parents had our picture taken with a large space between us hoping to photo shop in Aubrey and Kyle later.

Thanks to my son-in-law Aden and his photo shop skills Aubrey and Kyle finally made it to their own reception.  

I'm happy to report that Aubrey's health has improved and that she and Kyle are now expecting their first child this fall.

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Aubrey Baadsgaard Poffenberger said...

Hey that's cool. I wonder if Aden would email me a copy?