John's Dream Comes True!

A dream is coming true for my son John today. John is an avid reader and usually devours several books a week. His favorite book series is the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull. He has spent his hard earned money to buy each book and eagerly awaits the newest release. 
John was informed yesterday that he is one of 5 lucky winners in a Daily Herald newspaper contest.  As a result  he will be able to meet Branden Mull, ask him questions and receive a signed copy of the final book in the series TODAY.

This past week John RE-read all of the first four books so he is primed and ready to read the final book.

Congratulations John!


Arianne said...

Wahoo! Lucky duck!

April said...

We are just TICKLED that John got to do that! He'll have to give Josh the SCOOP! He is chomping at the bit for that one to come out!

Valerie said...

Congrats to him!! My 7 year old daughter loves that series and was sad that she wasn't old enough to enter the contest. I bet it was great and something he'll always remember.