Catching the Golden Moments of Childhood

I walked into my living room the other day and found my daughter Alisa looking out the window at the close of day. 
I wanted the moment to last forever but I knew such moments are fleeting. Alisa is the last of my ten children - so I know how quickly childhood fades away. 
You have to catch the golden moments while you can. For children are like rays of sunshine . . . impossible to hold in the palm of your hand . . .  but you can hold them in your heart forever.


Ashley Baadsgaard said...

Wow, I was looking at that picture and was thinking "wow, that's a really pretty lady... WAIT that's ALISA!"

Holy cow. Make her stop growing up.

Arianne said...

That is the most striking photo. Absolutely breathtaking.

Karen said...

I did the same! I thought it was a random picture, but wow! Where did the little 2 year-old go?

April said...

Wow. Magical.