Amy's Harp Concert

I went to BYU's Alumni Center on Saturday to hear my daughter Amy play several pieces of music in a Harp Concert.  The whole event was so beautiful it literally transported me to peaceful place of complete relaxation and joy. 

During the concert I closed my eyes and listened with my ears  . . . and my heart.  Hearing the delicate sounds of the harp took me back to the time before Amy was married and living at home.  Her bedrrom was directly below mine and when she practiced the harp late at night,  I would go to sleep listening to the heavenly sounds of her music.

Because my daughter Amy has always reminded me of an angel, watching and listening to her play harp music seems part of who she is even before she was born.  Amy, you are my angel.  Thank you for bringing me so much joy.


Amy said...

Thanks mom. You're so sweet!

Arianne said...

Wish I could have been there!