Happy Birthday Emma

This is a poem I wrote for
my granddaughter Emma
on her 2nd birthday.
Happy Birthday Emma! 
Grandma Baadsgaard loves you
very, very much.

Emma and Jez

Once there was a girl named Emma
Who lived with a dog named Jez
Whenever she took her shoes off
Jez licked her toes to death

When Emma wanted quiet time
Jez thought she’d rather play
When Emma hugged her stuffed whale
Jez bit the fish and took it away.

Living with a puppy is hard work
When you are the ripe old age of two
Your cheeks are soft and pudgy
But dogs cover your face with goo

The one good thing about dogs
Is they eat what you throw on the floor
Then mother doesn’t see it
And make you eat some more

And when you feel your eyes roll
And you need your daily nap
There is always a fluffy pillow
With a puppy in your lap


Jacob said...

I love it mom!

Teresa said...

Thanks mom for the poem. I'm sure Emma will love it.

April said...

That was darling. LOVE IT

elizabeth mueller said...

Hi Janene! Thank you for your wonderful inspiring and heartfelt thoughts at LTUE. I'm so glad that I sat beside you!

PS--you have a lovely family! :)