Baadsgaard Family Coat of Arms

While discussing our upcoming family reunion my husband suggested we create a Baadsgaard Family Coat of Arms to put on a flag and place below an American flag on our early morning flag ceremony. My wonderful son-in-law Aden came up with this awesome suggestion:

Baadsgaard Family Coat of Arms
• Green signifies abundance, joy, hope and loyalty in love
White: truth, sincerity, peace, innocence and purity
• Gold: wisdom, generosity, glory, constancy and faith
Charges of Shield
• Fleur-de-lis: Purity and light
• Anchor: Hope and religious steadfastness - acts as a reference to the naval interpretation of the name “Baadsgaard”
• Pen and inkwell: Educated employment and the art of writing
• Open book: Manifestation—a declared interest in education (and represents the literary accomplishments of the family)
• White rose: Hope, joy, love and faith - this particular style of rose is known as the Yorkshire rose, a reference to the British origins of the Wolsey family)
• Star: Celestial goodness, excellence and nobility of character. The number of stars corresponds to the number of children in the family…)
• Angel Moroni: Activity in the LDS church and faith in the restored Gospel
Shield Supporters
• Stag: Peace and harmony; one who will not fight unless provoked
• Angel: dignity, glory and honor; missionary; bearer of joyful news
• Facing left, the helmet indicates loyalty to God (additionally, this helmet is a rough approximation of the helmet found on the Danish Baads family coat of arms)
• Usually a purely artistic touch; however, the red flowers growing near the base of the shield are woodbine, which symbolize “Love that does not injure that which it clings to”
• This is a motto or phrase with special meaning to the family: Cum uterque pedis contactus terra, nequeo induco bracæ. Translated loosely, it means “If you keep both feet on the ground, you can’t get your pants on.”

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April said...

WOW That was amazing! Great job Aden!!!