Like a Spider Web of Frosted Lace . . .

The holiday season is coming to a close. Empty sleighs are stacked against the wall in the garage after pulling rosy cheeked children and grandchildren around on the back acre. The Christmas tree has been decorated and redecorated by dozens of tiny sticky hands. All the fudge and gingerbread has vanished. Visiting children and grandchildren are returning home leaving long tire tracks on my snowy driveway. Life will not stand still and let me hold it close enough. Like snowflakes on my tongue, the fleeting moments melt away.

Today I learned my son and daughter-in-law are expecting a brand new baby. My neighbor was married this morning and I attended a viewing for two friends at the mortuary this evening - beginnings and endings and all the precious moments in-between. Life is so dear. How do I properly thank God for the wonder of it all?

Snow is falling outside my window tonight. . . snow on snow on snow. There is a fire burning in the wood stove downstairs. The house smells of fresh baked bread. And so I pause in deepest gratitude for the richness of it all. Like a spider web of frosted lace, our lives are tenuous - a wonder and delight.

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April said...

Thanks for making wonderful Christmas memories for us all.