For May 18th, 2009

Once upon a time there was a super hero trapped in a little girl’s body. Her mother and father thought she was a typical two-year-old but she was really Super Libby in disguise.
Whenever her parents turned their backs, Super Libby climbed up on top of dangerous tall objects in her house.
“How did she get up there?!” her mother often gasped.
“I don’t know,” her father answered. “I never do that sort of thing myself.”
Super Libby knew she had secret powers but she didn’t know how to tell her parents because she didn’t know how to talk yet. So, her wonderfulness remained a mystery. Libby knew she had sticky feet that allowed her to hang upside down on the ceiling. She knew she had retractable wings that allowed her fly from high furniture to the floor. Only sometimes her super power apparatus didn’t work – so she fell a lot and got lots of bumps and bruises.
Sometimes her parents worried that she might not live to be three. Sometimes they scratched their heads and rolled their eyes. Yet somewhere deep inside, both parents knew she was really an extra-ordinary child.
Late at night Libby’s parents stepped softy into her bedroom and looked at her sleeping peacefully in her crib.
“We kept her alive for one more day,” her mother sighed.
“How can such a little rascal look just like an angel when she is asleep?” her father added.
One day Super Libby’s family went to Grandma’s house. As soon as her father turned his back for just a second, Libby climbed up on the dining room table.
“She is just like her father,” Grandma said with delight. “So full of curiosity and courage.”
That’s when Libby turned and smiled.
Grandma took Libby into her arms and said, “I know your secret. You’re really Super Libby in disguise.”
“How do you know?” her father asked.
“Because I raised her daddy,” Grandma answered. “And look how super you turned out.”

Happy Birthday Libby! You’re super. I love you very, very much.

Grandma Baadsgaard


Arianne said...

This is so cute. And you posted my favorite photo of her. We love you Libby!

April said...

That was great! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Super Libby